Small Business Ideas

Are you a small business wanting to give the impression of being larger?

I will start by saying “never lie or hide information about your business” this will always be a recipe for disaster and possible legal implications. You should not hide information nor supply misleading information either in your advertisements or correspondence with your prospective clients.

Some prospective clients like to deal with larger companies due to many factors including financial stability, experience, range of products and services just to name a few.

Dont despair! there are ways that you can incorporate the look and feel of a larger company with minimal expense. The following ideas may assist your quest. We will be looking at the various ways to enhance your business.

Invoicing: If you produce invoices for your services then consider numbering your invoices to a higher range. So instead of your current invoice being 0001 use 3001 as this will give the feel that you are not just starting out.

Communication: Mobile numbers are a great way to advertise as there is no difference to either small, medium or large business. Remember that if you work from home be aware of your surroundings as dogs barking, kids screaming and Loud TV will definately go against you as not being very professional

Website: This is a great medium for many purposes including showcasing your goods and services, advertising, eCommerce and information distribution. A well designed website is a must in todays technological enviroment. The website must be an extension of your business with logo and colours flowing smoothly throughout. The other advantage a website/hosting has to offer is the email address specific to your business so that you dont have to use a gmail or hotmail account, making you look more professional. Additional advertising is also possible with AdWords (pay per click) in getting your business out there by being found in Google searches (using specific keywords).

Business Cards: Another “can’t do without” as it is a way to make a lasting impression and leave the client with another method to remember you by. business cards have now become more affordable than ever and you really should not be without! Make sure that the business card is eye catching and is up to date. You should have as a minimum your logo, company name, your name, contact number/s and address if you have a shopfront (not necessary if you work from home).

The Most important thing to remember, “you are who you are” and offering a great service with solid processes and practices will reap many rewards for years to come. Small Businesses have many advantages over their larger counterparts including personalised services, ability to change more rapidly with the times, lower overheads and many more. So don’t discard the idea that being small is a negative as there are many very sucessful small businesses.

Please ensure that you get expert advice before initiating any of the above ideas or changing the way you run your business to ensure they are right for you as these are my own personal views and I am not an expert in this field.

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